Why are more kiwi women choosing Unimom?


Unimom has proven over the years to be a high quality brand in NZ that expresses the most amount of milk for mums in the quickest time and are the most hygienic breast pumps on the market with a fully closed backflow protection system. We meet high quality standards, affordability, eco friendliness and have amazing customer reviews all over the internet and in person everyday! 

Our entire pump cover and accessories are made of BPA, phthalates and lead free materials, making Unimom unique. The soft bpa free, food grade silicon massagers on our pumps, mimic the natural rhythm of a baby’s suck to stimulate a milk let down just like a baby’s tongue and not just an in and out suck.  Not only are Unimom pumps comfortable, ultra efficient with longer lasting durability, but quieter and very simple to use, with less parts to clean! A huge win for busy mums! 

Our mission is to help all NZ families afford high quality and ensure they have the proper help they need on this precious breastfeeding journey, which is why Unimom pumps are priced much lower than their worth. Used in hospitals and approved by lactation consultants, midwives and other health professionals. Unimom is an excellent choice for comfort and successful breastfeeding. 



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Choose from Unimoms superior and thermal breast milk storage solutions. All proudly BPA Free!

Unimom has a wide range of handy accessories to help you. From cooler bags to transport kits to car chargers!