Pump & Store Milk Storage Bags

Product Codes: 
870275 (10 PACK)
870282 (20 PACK)
870299 (50 PACK)


RRP $12.00 NZD (10 Pack)
RRP $23.50 NZD (20 Pack)
RRP $39.00 NZD (50 Pack)

Now you can express directly into your milk storage bag! These self standing, leak proof, freezer safe pump & store bags are designed to directly store breast milk from your Unimom breast pump straight into these large capacity bags.  They take up less space and make storing or transporting breast milk easy and efficient. Baby can be fed directly from the bag by screwing the Unimom bottle top onto the adapter with a standard narrow neck teat inside.


  • BPA Free

  • Simple Storing and Feeding

  • Attachable Adapter for all Unimom breast shields

  • Larger Volume 210ml (7oz)

  • Convenient design and usage

  • NO leaks

  • NO spills

  • Freezer Safe

  • Easy to Close and Open

  • Self Standing


  • One adapter included in 10 and 20 packs only. Not included in the refill 50 pack.

Other Information

These durable quality bags will ensure you can store your precious milk for the longest duration possible while preserving all the great nutrients that you provide for your baby. Very handy for freezing and transporting a lot of milk while taking up little space. Can be used as food pouches for baby food to be fed directly to baby with the screw on spoon from the store and feed bags.

Expressed milk can be stored up to 4 hours at room temperature, 2 days at the back of the fridge and up to 6 months in a freezer. Unimom does not provide teats but any standard, narrow neck teat will fit our bottles.