Trusted by New Zealand families and health professionals since 2010, Unimom has helped so many mums on their breastfeeding journey, producing only amazing, positive feedback everyday! Used in most hospitals and breastfeeding clinics/ groups, Unimom has proven to be an efficient, high quality brand that expresses the most amount of milk for Kiwi mums in the quickest time. The most hygienic breast pumps on the market with a fully closed backflow protection system and all accessories and products are BPA, phthalates and lead free! 

We provide excellent support to our retailers and guarantee you successful results. Our products and service is hassle free! We would love to have you on board and work together with you.


Unimom New Zealand are looking to expand their product availability throughout New Zealand. We can help you with product samples, training, product advice and practical marketing needs. Please use the contact form below and we will get in touch soon.

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