Here's what kiwi women had to say about using the Unimom range of Breast Pumps and Accessories...

This pump saved me when I needed to go to work! I had pre-pumped plenty of milk for the freezer. It’s simple to use and easy to clean. I used the switch kit a lot too for when I was away working 10+hour days with no electricity. Will be bringing it out again in a few weeks with baby number two! A++++.”
— Delwyn

Best pump out. I love mine and use it at every feed.”
— Kimberley T

As a working mum I couldn’t be happier with the Minuet breast pump. I am able to quickly and discreetly pump in my breaks and on the go. It’s very easy to use and I find it faster than the other pump I own. With a busy lifestyle I love the convenience it offers and it fits in my handbag!”
— Janine R

The amount of milk expressed has doubled. Before, I was only able to get around 25-30ml each time. Now, using Unimom, I am able to get 50-60ml each time. We are so thankful for our new pump! Highly recommended.”

The Forte pump is amazing. About 1000 times better than my old Medela one! It is so quiet, I can actually watch TV or talk on the phone while I use it, and the action is very gentle (not hurty at all!). Wish I had bought one years ago. Will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a pump!”
— Debra

Love my Forte pump. I am a full time expresser (2nd time round) due to clefts. I am currently at ten months of pumping and have used this pump the majority of the time. It is efficient and effective. I have managed to pump up to 2 litres a day. This means a lot of pumping, so if anyone was going to wear a pump out it would be me. I have used lots of different pumps and some were excellent, but this is at least as good for such a small price. This pump has allowed me to feed my baby the food meant for him long term and I am so grateful for that”
— Glenda

This is the Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump is pretty much the best investment I made once my baby came along! It’s a double pump so cuts down pumping time by half! Super quiet, hospital grade, has a rhythmic suction and is really comfortable. I actually found it better then the one I tried in hospital. This pump has made my life so much easier. Its easy to use, easy to sterilize.”
— Keita

Excellent. Love the pump, much better than my old one & so quiet thanks heaps!”
— Nicole

With my first child I used the Unimom Allegro pump. I loved this. It produced great results for me. Easy to use, portable and comfortable. With my second baby I have been using the Unimom Forte Pump. It is such a great pump. Hospital grade and still very portable. Very comfortable and quiet. The wooshy noise actually puts my baby to sleep next to me when I pump...bonus!
I am the biggest fan of Unimom!”
— Leah

I find my Unimom Allegro Electric Breast Pump easy to put together, use comfortably on my breasts and wash without too many parts each time I use it. I would never change now that I have this make and model!!! Thank you for making my busy family life easier.”
— Jewel

This is a truly great breast pump! Fast, effective and pain free. Just love it, and recommend it to everyone who need to express! Thank you so much!”

Can’t be any happier with Unimom milk storage bags. No leaks, not at all flimsy, very easy to handle and most of all, it’s a lot cheaper than other bags out there.”

These milk storage bags are great and easy to use. As a working mum they don’t get damaged when carrying them around, plus they stand up in the fridge for easy storage and easy to write on. Never had a problem with freezing them either. Love this product!”
— Amy

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